About the Show

Are you a broker that wants to be more savvy about Technology startups? Are you a founder that wants to learn more about insurance/risk management? There are a ton of insurance podcasts and a ton of startup podcasts, but Insurance Requirements is the ONLY podcast that blends the two. On this podcast we attempt to bridge the gap between startups and brokers that have to do business together, but often speak a different language. Many of our guests go over topics such as: -The Insurance buying process -Cyber risk -What is it that Technology companies actually do? -Tips for Tech Founders to change “have to” to “fully want to” when thinking about managing risk -Other relevant topics at the intersection of insurance and entrepreneurship By the way… I'm Andrew Correll, the host of the Beyond the Policy podcast. I’ve been in the Technology insurance industry since 2012. I've worked with thousands of Technology companies and brokers to help craft the best insurance programs in the marketplace. And I’m excited to have you join me and my guests as we attempt to answer any of the questions you’ve been having about Tech and Insurance (and even some you didn’t think to ask). Contact me at andrew@howyouinsurethat.com if you would like to be a guest.